• Invite students in a large group discussion or partner talk to take a closer look at the illustrations in the picture book. This can be done in a variety of ways:
  • * Select an image or illustration that is particularly powerful or that reveals essential details in the story and prompt students to share what the image communicates by asking questions such as “How does this image show _____?” or “What does this picture say about _____?”
  • * Ask students to identify an illustration that resonated with them and explain what is being revealed in the image and how.
  • * Ask students to select the image they think best communicates an essential aspect of the story (theme, conflict, setting, character’s feelings, a particular emotion, etc.) and explain the reasons for their choice.
  • * Consider the relationship between words and pictures by asking students to discuss how an image helps them better understand the text or what they learn from a picture that they would not have understood from the words alone.
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