Written by David Robertson

Published in 2019 by Highwater Press (Links to an external site.)


Ghosts, the third and final installment in The Reckoner Trilogy of novels, begins with the surprising news that Cole has returned. He soon discovers that, in his absence, Mihko Laboratories has reopened the research facility, the community is on lockdown—no one can travel in or out, there is no cell service, food is being rationed—and people have been disappearing.


Cole assembles a team to save the community of Wounded Sky. Along with Brady, Eva, Dr. Captain, Lauren, Tristan, and Michael, Cole develops a plan to rescue the people being held captive in the clinic. As the truth about Mihko Laboratories is revealed, Cole learns more about his father and gains a new perspective on the events of the past.


Fans of The Reckoner Trilogy will be pleased to know that the series will be continued with the graphic novel series, The Reckoner Rises (Links to an external site.).


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 “The end of David A. Robertson’s Reckoner trilogy is really the introduction of a new Indigenous superhero” (Links to an external site.) (CBC Books)

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