Nimoshom and His Bus

Written by Penny M. Thomas and Illustrated by Karen Hibbard

Published in 2017 by Highwater Press (Links to an external site.)


Kind and gentle Nimoshom, which means my grandfather in Cree, drives the bus that transports children to and from school every day. He greets them with “Tansi!” (hello) when they board the bus and says “Ekosi” (okay, that’s it or amen) when he drops them off. As Nimoshom speaks to the children on the bus in Cree, readers are introduced to Cree vocabulary and English translations.

Karen Hibbard’s dynamic illustrations bring Penny M. Thomas’ descriptive language alive. Nimoshom and His Bus depicts the special relationship the children develop with their beloved bus driver as he teaches them words in the Cree language. This book is a lovely celebration of an adult passing on the importance of language and culture to a younger generation.


Introducing the Author and Illustrator:

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Learning More About the Book:

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Building Background Knowledge:

Explore the pronunciation of the Cree words introduced in Nimoshom and His Bus using this guide (Links to an external site.) created by the publisher.

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