The Elders Are Watching

Published 2003 by Raincoast Books (Links to an external site.)

In the introduction titled “Thoughts,” artist Roy Henry Vickers sets the tone with an urgent message about the need for change. With knowledge of our past, we can make changes going forward. In his words, “We all have elders, ancestors, and a cultural heritage. Once we know our past, we have taken a step in understanding ourselves, and then we will be able to strengthen our truths, bringing about change for the better.”

In “Whispers,” author David Bouchard provides context for the book. He introduces us to the boy who feels different from his classmates, not because he looks different but because he has different interests. To the boy’s joy, his mother takes him out of school to live with his Ya-A, his grandfather, for a time to “listen, to think, and to learn.” His Ya-A shares the teachings of the Elders.

What follows is a beautiful pairing between the compelling words of David Bouchard and the stunning paintings of Roy Henry Vickers calling all of us to action, a warning that “we’d better start watching—and care.” The Elders Are Watching celebrates the beauty of nature and the environment and reminds us, in no uncertain terms, that we have not taken the care we should have and that now is the time to change that.

Introducing the Author and the Artist:

Visit the David Bouchard’s website (Links to an external site.) and bio page (Links to an external site.).

Visit the Roy Henry Vicker’s website (Links to an external site.) and watch thisvideo called The Creativity of Roy Henry Vickers (Links to an external site.).

 Learning More About the Book:

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View thefilm version (Links to an external site.)of the book created by Roy Henry Vickers.

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