The Ghost Collector

Written by Allison Mills Published in 2019 by Annick Press (Links to an external site.)

Shelly and her family are Cree. The women in her family have the ability to see ghosts, catch them in their hair, and help them transition to the afterlife. The Cree women in their family have always passed this knowledge down to one another. Shelly is happy to be Grandma’s ghost-collecting apprentice and accompanies her on client calls despite her mother’s disapproval. Although Grandma is adamant it is their responsibility to help the ghosts move on, money is tight, and Shelly’s mom encourages her to charge more for her services.

When Shelly’s mom dies unexpectedly, Shelly is convinced she can find her ghost and keeps this mission a secret from Grandma. Grandma is busy with her own mission trying to make enough money to keep them from losing their apartment. Shelly worries if they move, her mom won’t know where to find them.

Shelly starts secretly carrying ghosts home and keeping them in her room. When she accidentally breaks one of her grandmother’s most important rules about ghosts, Shelly is forced to face the possibility that she may never see her mom again.

 Introducing the Author: Read Allison Mills’ author bio and visit her website.

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