Written by Julie Flett 

Published in 2019 by Greystone Books (Links to an external site.) 


In the spring, Katherena and her mother leave their home in a city by the sea and move to a house in the country. When spring turns to summer, Katherena meets her elderly neighbor, Agnes. As summer becomes fall, they develop a friendship. Katherena helps Agnes in her garden and Agnes shows her the pots she makes out of clay. Agnes teaches Katherena about the cycles of the moon and, in turn, Katherena teaches her about Cree seasons. 

By winter, Agnes’ health is failing, and her daughter comes to help out. Spring returns and Agnes becomes increasingly fragile, unable to go outside. Katherena wishes Agnes could see the signs of spring from her bed, so she decides to use her drawings to bring the spring to Agnes. Agnes tells Katherena “it’s like a poem for her heart.” 

A Cree glossary and pronunciation guide are located at the beginning of the book. 


Introducing the Authors and Illustrator: 

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