Breakdown (Reckoner Rises Series, Vol. 1) (9-12)

Story by David A. Robertson

Art by Scott B. Henderson

Colours by Donovan Yaciuk

Letters by Andrew Thomas

Published in 2020 by Highwater Press


Fans of David A. Robertson’s The Reckoner Trilogy (Strangers, Monsters, and Ghosts) will be thrilled with the continuation of the series, The Reckoner Rises, in a graphic novel format. Breakdown, the first installment, picks up where The Reckoner Trilogy leaves off.

Cole and Eva left Wounded Sky for Winnipeg, the location of the Mikho Laboratories headquarters. They are on a mission to destroy the company and prevent them from experimenting on another community.

Cole is being haunted by visions. When Eva shares this information with Brady and Dylan, they immediately leave Wounded Sky for Winnipeg.

What do Cole’s visions mean? Are they more than nightmares? Are they telling him something he can’t ignore?

Introducing the Creators:


David A. Robertson

Scott B. Henderson

Donovan Yaciuk

Andrew Thomas


Learning More About the Book:


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