Give Me Some Truth

Give Me Some Truth

Written by Eric Gansworth

Published in 2018 by Scholastic (Links to an external site.)


Set in 1980, Give Me Some Truth follows Eric Gansworth’s previous young adult novel, If I Ever Get Out of Here (Links to an external site.) and returns readers to the Tuscarora Reservation.


The novel is narrated by two characters, told in alternating perspectives. Carson Mastick is entering his senior year in high school and hopes to use his band, the Dog Street Devils, as a way to leave the reservation and pursue his dreams in New York City. He sets his sights on winning his school’s Battle of the Bands. Magpie (Maggi) Bostick moves back to Tuscarora after spending eight years living in the city with her mother, twin brother Marvin, and older sister Marie. The adjustment is challenging for Maggi because she was so young when she left that, unlike Marie, she struggles to remember what life on the reservation had been like.


Maggi gets a job cleaning school buses and joins Carson’s band, playing her water drum. She dreams of creating her own art and not just helping her mother make the beadwork souvenirs she sells to tourists. Maggi begins secretly dating her 31-year old co-worker and struggles with her conscience about their relationship.


Meanwhile, Carson is keeping a secret of his own. It was his brother, Derek, who was shot while holding up a local take-out called Custard’s Last Stand. As more is revealed to Carson, he recognizes Derek’s actions as an act of protest against the racist owner.


Together Carson, Maggi, Marie, and their friend Lewis navigate being teenagers on the reservation and in their mostly white neighboring community. They encounter both subtle and overt racism and, ultimately, learn what it means to stand up for yourself and the people you care about.


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