Written by David A. Robertson

Published in 2018 by Highwater Press (Links to an external site.)


Monsters by David A. Robertson is the second installment in the Reckoner Trilogy. It follows Strangers and immerses readers back into Wounded Sky First Nation. Monsters picks up where Strangers left off, after Cole has saved the community from both a killer and the outbreak of a mysterious, and deadly, illness.

Cole is now attending high school in Wounded Sky, remaining close with Eva and Brady. He’s attempting to re-establish his friendship with Michael and is developing a new relationship with a classmate named Pam. Choch and Jayne also make return appearances. Cole’s anxiety remains a constant reality for him, and he opens up to Dr. Captain about his panic attacks.

A school assembly honoring Cole for his heroism makes it seem as though Cole has finally been accepted by the people in his home community, however, he is soon accused of setting mysterious fires. Again, Cole finds himself facing suspicion and accusations while trying to unearth the truth about events in Wounded Sky: the files discovered at the camp in the woods are still missing, the clinic has been taken over by Mihko Laboratories, and a terrifying creature—Upayokwitigo—is wandering the woods.

When his grandmother and aunt arrive from Winnipeg, they insist on staying at Cole’s childhood home, a place he has not returned to since the deadly fire that killed his mother. There, Cole uncovers his father’s laptop, which leads him to emails that reveal details about his mysterious death.

Like StrangersMonsters is a fast-paced and complex read. The final turn of events will leave readers counting down the days to the release of Ghosts, the third volume of the trilogy.

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