The Girl and the Wolf

The Girl and the Wolf (K-5) 

Words by Katherena Vermette and Pictures by Julie Flett 

Published in 2019 by Theytus Books (Links to an external site.) 


Readers are all-too familiar with stories portraying the wolf as threatening and scary. In her Author’s Note, Katherena Vermette explains that, in contrast to those portrayals, The Girl and the Wolf is inspired by “the other stories I had been told where the wolf wasn’t just evil or hungry.” 

The Girl and the Wolf tells the story of a young girl who wanders away from her mother while picking berries and realizes she is lost. Soon, she is joined by a wolf who reminds her that she has the knowledge she needs to make her way back by encouraging her to “Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, then look. What do you see?”  

After reuniting with her mother, the girl shares her story about the kindness of the wolf and decides to thank it by leaving a tobacco offering at the edge of the bush. 


Introducing the Authors and Illustrator: 

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