The Marrow Thieves

The Marrow Thieves

Written by Cherie Dimaline

Published in May 2017 by DCB (Links to an external site.)


Set in a futuristic Canada, The Marrows Thieves invites readers into a dystopian setting devastated by global warming where Indigenous people are being rounded up by Recruiters and Agents and housed in schools where their bone marrow is harvested.  The rest of the population has lost its ability to dream and it is believed that the secret to restoring it resides in the bone marrow of Indigenous people.


The narrator is a Metis teen called Francis, known as Frenchie, whose parents have disappeared and whose older brother gave himself up to Recruiters to keep Frenchie from bring captured.  After trying to survive on his own, Frenchie joins a group of Indigenous travelers moving North in the hopes of finding safety.  They become Frenchie’s family as they struggle together to survive. Interspersed within the narrative is each character’s Coming-To Story, inviting us into their individual experiences and backgrounds.


This is a dark and complex story of survival and resilience that invites readers to reflect on not only a Canada of the future but also the current reality of Canadian society.


Introducing the Author:


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