The Thundermaker

The Thundermaker (K-5) 

Written and Illustrated by Alan Syliboy 

Published in 2015 by Nimbus Publishing (Links to an external site.) 

Little Thunder learns many things from the stories of his mother, Giju, and his father, Big Thunder. Because Little Thunder will become the Thundermaker when he gets older, his father, Big Thunder, begins giving him lessons.  He tells Little Thunder, “His task is an important one for the Mi’kmaw people: he must create Kluscap, the teacher, by throwing three thunderbolts at a mound of clay.” 

When it is time for Little Thunder to go to the sacred mountain and become the Thundermaker, his friend Wolverine decides to tag along even though he wasn’t invited. Little Thunder is ready to throw three thunderbolts and create Kluscap, the teacher, but he is distracted by Wolverine and his first throw misses. His second throw hits the mound of clay, turning it into a human figure. On his third throw, he is again distracted by Wolverine and misses. He is successful on his next throw and the human form of clay is given life. When Little Thunder’s final throw strikes the clay form, it becomes Kluscap, the teacher. Little Thunder will finally become the Thundermaker now that he has freed Kluscap from the earth.  


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