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Exploring Text Features

Invite students to explore text features by revisiting examples (font, color, labels, illustrations, titles, headings, etc.) in the story and asking questions such as: “How

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Exploring Vocabulary

Invite students to explore vocabulary through context clues by revisiting words from the story and asking, “Can you tell me what this word means? How

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Reflecting to Reading

Provide opportunities for students to reflect on their reading in a variety of ways, including: Talking Writing Drawing Creating models Dramatizing This activity can be

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Elder Presentation

Each class can read and discuss the text separately and then collaborate virtually to generate questions they would like to ask the Elder. One participating

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Reflecting on Learning

After reading, invite students to reflect on their learning: Encourage students to identify how the text confirmed, challenged, and extended their thinking with prompts such

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Inspiring Action

After reading, discuss with students that an author often writes a book with a specific theme or message to inspire us to take action. This

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Chat Stations

Create discussion stations, or chat stations, for students to rotate through and discuss various topics related to the text. Students can be asked to respond

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#Not Your Princess

#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women Edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Marybeth Leatherdale  Published in 2017 by Annick Press In her Foreword to #NotYourPrincess, editor

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A Day with Yayah

Written by Nicola I. Campbell and Illustrated by Julie Flett Published November 2017 by Tradewind Books (Links to an external site.)   In A Day with Yayah, Nicola

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Background Knowledge

Educators who would like to know more about Indigenous cultures in Canada can start with these sources.  Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (Links to

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Birdsong Written by Julie Flett  Published in 2019 by Greystone Books (Links to an external site.)    In the spring, Katherena and her mother leave their home in a city

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