George was born in Metepenagiag First Nation (Red Bank) along the Miramichi River in New Brunswick where he still lives today. He has been involved with theatre, song, dance and traditional teachings for a long time. He is able to communicate powerful cultural teachings to any age with his signature singing voice, honest good humor and a wealth of cultural knowledge and lived experience that engages everyone around him. George in his delightfully lighthearted way shares deeply moving stories and gains his audience's participation through music and discussion. Presentation topics include:
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Sweet Grass
  • Offerings
  • Fasting
  • Songs-Social and Ceremonial
  • Drumming and Drums
  • Dances-Traditional and Contemporary
  • Medicines-Spiritual, Physical, and Ceremonial Purposes
  • Symbols-Traditional
  • Crafts and Arts-Traditional
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