Gordon Francis is an elder from L'sipuktuk, NB. As a child Gord enjoyed helping his grandfather catch eels, bass, smelts, and other fish on the L'sipuktuk river. Many a night was spent in fishing cabins along the river joyfully listening to his grandfather and great uncle converse about many topics and exchange anecdotes from long ago. These experiences with his grandfather in particular provided him with a sound foundation of the Mi'kmaw language. In 1970, he had the privilege of studying Mi'kmaw under the famed linguist Ken Hale. Although his time with Mr. Hale was altogether too short, this exposure to linguistics ignited a lifelong study of the language. In 1981, he was hired by the Federal government as an Employment Counselor, due in part, to his knowledge of Mi'kmaw. He had the pleasure of serving the three communities of Metepanagiag, Natoageneg, and Esgenoopetjij in English and Mi’kmaw for many years. He also has been involved with a number of translation projects, including Say it First. He retired from public service in 2017 and now resides in Miramichi, NB. Language Topics Include:
  • Animals, birds, fish & reptiles
  • Calendar (numbers, months, days of the week)
  • Clothing & My Body
  • Colours
  • Feelings
  • Greetings
  • Home & School Objects
  • Kinship
  • Place names
  • Seasons (weather, activities)
  • Trees
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