Ron Tremblay is his birth name but is known as “spasaqsit possesom” (spuz-akw-zid buz-za-zum) - morningstar burning. He is a citizen of Wolastokuk (Wa-lus-da-gook). Being the youngest of 10 children of the late Doris Sappier and Raymond Tremblay, Ron grew-up surrounded by Wolastoqey (Wa-lus-do-kway) Language spoken fluently. Ron credits his mother Doris and grandparents Madeline LePorte and Louise Sappier for his genuine love of Wolastoqey (Wa-lus-do-kway) language and he also acknowledges that they provided him the true teachings of life.
After moving to Fredericton in 1991 he befriended several Elders from local communities. The Elders guided him deeper into his Wolastoqey (Wa-lus-do-kway) Traditional Ways. After years of involvement in various ceremonies he gained wisdom and knowledge of “Wolastoqey (Wa-lus-do-kway) way of life”. Still today, Ron practices the traditional ways of Wolastoqewiyik (Wa-lus-do-gwew-e-yog). In November of 2016, Ron was installed as Traditional Wolastoq (Wa-lus-dokw) Grand Chief. The mandate of the Wolastoq (Wa-lus-dokw) Grand Council is to protect and preserve their non-ceded traditional homeland, waterways, ceremonies and language.

Presentation topics include:

    Language Topics Include:
  • Animals, birds, fish & reptiles
  • Calendar (numbers, months, days of the week)
  • Clothing & My Body
  • Colours
  • Feelings
  • Greetings
  • Home & School Objects
  • Kinship
  • Place names
  • Seasons (weather, activities)
  • Trees